What is Cryptagram?

We set out with an idea. Share the love of the holidays through Cryptagram, a limited collection of 1,000 holiday-inspired Cryptagram NFT’s living on the Polygon blockchain. Each Cryptagram NFT is one of a kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed. Holding a Cryptagram NFT grants you access to future members-only perks and features.

At Cryptagram we truly believe in giving back, that’s why 20% of every season’s NFT’s are distributed back to the Cryptagram community by giveaways held through our Discord server, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Were officially in Sandbox Metaverse! Holders get an exclusive sneak peek at upcoming seasons Cryptagram NFT’s and get to vote on what we bring into our Metaverse world. We plan to make our Metaverse world play to earn so we can give back to our community.


How much is a Cryptagram NFT and how many are minted each season?

The first season’s floor price will be set at 0.01 ETH. The floor price doubles every season. 100 Cryptagram NFT’s are minted each season.

Season Floor Price’s

Season 1: 0.01 ETH

Season 2: 0.02 ETH

Season 3: 0.04 ETH

Season 4: 0.08 ETH

Season 5: 0.16 ETH

Season 6: 0.32 ETH

Season 7: 0.64 ETH

Season 8: 1.28 ETH

Season 9: 2.56 ETH

Season 10: 5.12 ETH

What future members-only perks and features?

Cryptagram NFT holders will be automatically entered into our holders-only seasonal giveaway where 3 rare Cryptagram NFT’s will be exclusively raffled away each season to holders. Cryptagram NFT holders will also have an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming seasons NFT’s and be able to cast their vote and help decide on what we bring into our Metaverse world.

Where can I purchase a Cryptagram NFT?

Cryptagram NFT’s are available for purchase on OpenSea.

Where do I vote after I purchase my Cryptagram NFT?

You can vote after being verified on our official Discord server.